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Serving You In Olympia

  • State Senator 2020-current

  • Deputy Whip for the Senate Republican Caucus

  • Ranking Member on business, financial, gaming, and trade

  • Committee member on Senate K-12, state government and elections, human services, and rehabilitation

Recaps Of My Time In The Legislature

2021 Leg Session

This was a difficult session that resulted in unnecessary taxes, unfunded climate mandates, unchecked emergency powers, and unbalanced police reform. However, Perry was able to pass legislation this year regarding water. Senate Bill 5230 is twenty years in the making and brings an agreement to the distribution of water in the Pasco Basin. The bill provides authority for the Department of Ecology to enter into agreements with the Bureau of Reclamation to create a ground water permitting program like those in the Quincy and Odessa areas. This is the next step in regulating the water that has accumulated due to the Bureau of Reclamation’s diversion of water that can now be utilized for agriculture, irrigation, or other non-potable uses. Read more HERE!

2022 Leg Session

A short 60-day session in the books.  Much like last year, state spending, tax relief, emergency powers, law enforcement, and gun control captured most of the headlines.  Read more HERE!

2023 Leg Session

This session was highly focused on the capital and transportation budgets for 2023-25.  We were able to secure $42.2 million worth of investments for the 16th District.  One milestone was U.S. Highway 12 between Wallula and Walla Walla.  I’m proud to say the $21 million is in the final transportation budget approved by the Senate and House, as is an additional $13.4 million for improvements for the State Route 224 (Red Mountain, near West Richland) corridor project. Because of these local investments, I was a “yes” on the budget (House Bill 1125).  Read more HERE!

2024 Leg Session

It's another short 60-day session with much change on the horizon. WA State can expect a different-looking legislature, with many colleagues retiring in both chambers. We will also have a new Governor for the 2025 legislative session.  Education and agriculture were two highlights I wanted to share about.  Read more HERE!

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